Celtic Ring Symbols

The Celtic Ring from Irish Jewel

The Celtic people and the symbols that they used in their everyday lives is deep rooted in different legends and stories that have been carried on today from a long time ago. The Celtic people lived mainly in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern France and of course Ireland. For the Celtic people nature and the seasons became their […]

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NACTA - Winter Newsletter

Irish Jewel Profiled in the Winter NACTA Newsletter

If you don’t know, NACTA stand for the North Celtic American Trade Association and the NACTA is is the trade association for those involved in the sale and promotion of Irish and Celtic products in North America. And this month Irish Jewel have been profiled on their Winter Newsletter. And if you want to out […]

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Claddagh Rings from Irish Jewel

The Claddagh Ring and Famous People

There are many famous people all over the world that wear a Claddagh Ring today. The Claddagh Ring has gained great momentum over the years with the vast reach of the Internet. People visit our Store in Dublin City Centre arriving from countries as far away as outer Mongolia and O’ahu island looking to buy a […]

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Ireland and Gin

Gin over the past few years has had a renaissance in Ireland, as it has once again become fashionable with young and old. The success is apparently linked to the popularity of the show Downton Abbey, which shows many characters enjoying the drink. Gin has an interesting history, originating in the Netherlands (hence the origin of […]

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History Of The Claddagh Ring

The claddagh ring is an iconic design – as seen worn by Bono, Walt Disney, Julia Roberts, Jim Morrison and Liam Gallagher, to name a few. The ring is made up of two hands holding a heart wearing a crown. The phrase “Let Love and Friendship reign” sums up the design’s message: the hands are […]

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Irish Slang

Ireland has a rich amount of slang, that is constantly changing. As a twenty-something year old Irish person, I thought I’d shed some light on our slang. I was born and raised in Dublin, so these are words I grew up using and still use now. It’s worth noting that slang varies across the island, […]

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Having previously covered James Joyce and Trinity College on this blog, today we’re looking at something much, much older: Newgrange (or in Irish: Brú na Bóinne)!  Newgrange is a world-famous prehistoric monument in County Meath, just north of Dublin. It’s one of the best examples of a passage-grave in Western Europe. It was built around 3200 […]

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Trinity College

Today’s blog is on one of the top visitor destinations in Ireland – and it’s only five minutes walk from our store! Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s oldest third level (university) institute, founded in 1592. Initially when it was built, it was outside the city’s medieval wall, but as Dublin expanded it now has a […]

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